We are sure you remember this Win From Within contest where Gatorade asked you to show them in a surprising video how Gatorade’s motto : “Win from within” can fit into the daily routine of anyone who does sports and wants to succeed.

It seems that you perfectly got the brand's motto as Gatorade really liked your creations.

Now let's check on the Gatorade's winners:

1st Prize of 7,000€ goes to Landonson for Landon Donoho 

*I'm a freelance filmmaker working in film, music video, and ads. I love storytelling in it's different forms and the plethora of media out there, and it's exciting getting to be a part of that picture. * In the future, the goal is to eventually make narrative films that tell awesome stories. Mixed in with that, I'll probably always love advertisements and music videos because they're fast, fun, and a way to do the exact same thing in a much smaller span of time. They're refreshing to work on and let you explore lots of realms aesthetically and conceptually you probably wouldn't get to otherwise. It would be great to keep growing in to bigger projects with bigger ideas.

2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to dreamcatcher for Ascend - Win from Within

Dreamcatcher did not share his comments with us for the moment.

3rd Prize of 1 600€ goes to yelena_vg for Gatorade video

As a motion graphics and commercials designer in the past, I now work primarily as a freelance photographer. For a while I have wanted to try out the video capabilites of my Canon 5D Mark II, so Gatorade was a perfect opportunity to do an experimental video mixed in with what I love most - motion graphics, plus an upcoming waterpolo match of my partner´s team straight away gave me a great idea. It is exciting to be able to work on fun briefs from well-known brands, to practice your ideas, skills etc, and on top of everything to have your work selected and win a contest - I am thrilled.  Thank you, Eyeka!

Thank you all for the great videos you made. See you soon!!