Dear all, It's May and it's time to meet our Creator of the Month! ;) Let us introduce Shan Guowei a.k.a final3 from China, a talented animator who just joined eYeka 7 months ago but shows us amazing creativity and productivity in his animations: he has won 5 prizes so far! Let’s see what he said and learn his secret know-how to win in eYeka contests:


Hello all! My name is Shan Guowei, I am living in Beijing, China. I learnt animation in 2000 and started to create my animations in 2001, I have been working in several projects in animation studios of China Central Television, animation school of Beijing Film Academy etc as Art Director. Now I am working as a freelancer here. I always wanted to participate in contests but I didn't really have time while at work. Last year I tried to search online to see if there are online platforms with creative contests, eYeka is one of them among the results. I went through the eYeka website and found that there's Chinese version with clear brief - which is very important to me as I don't understand English -and the contest prize is pretty attractive! So I decided to participate. I never doubted eYeka is fake -  if eYeka is fraud, the website will not exist for long so I totally trust it and decided to have a try ;)
When we told him we were really impressed by his creativity - winning 5 prizes in eYeka animation contests within 6 months, he feels a bit shy and thinks he's far from perfect, and he would like to share some thoughts about his winning secret:
First, you need to understand what the brand wants to see. You can do some research about the brand and make sure you understand the brand's needs from the brief, then you can start to create your entry. Second, think creatively and forget about the cliché, try to find more angles to express your ideas before creating, so your entry could stand out from the others.
When we asked what is his best inspiration, he thinks inspirations usually come from his daily life.
Take Comfort contest for example, when I was reading the contest brief, I thought of my wife and my mother immediately - their daily life, their characters, some special moments with them... so I recalled and took down all those special moments with my wife and started to create my animation. Inspiration really comes from everywhere,  you just need to pay attention and observe more.
eYeka is always interested in knowing how creators view us. So we also asked him this question. Here’s what he said to us:
I think eYeka provides great service: I like the brief here, very professional and clear, the people in eYeka shows respect to creators as well, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you”. For the thing that could be improved... I guess it's always a pity that we can't view all the submissions in some of the contests, it will be great if we could learn from each other by viewing the entries, I believe we all have different ideas and viewing the creations from other creators is very good opportunity to improve ourselves. I would also recommend to my fellow creators to participate in eYeka contests, don't care too much about the prizes, but enjoy the whole creating process - you will feel less pressure and have more fun.
Thanks for your time, final3. We look forward to seeing more creative works from you in our future contests and wish you all the best ;)