pepsi taste

Do you remember this Pepsi challenge? Well Pepsi needed your help to find THE amazing new idea to show people that Pepsi beverage really tastes great!

This contest was a great success and we received many creations!! Impressive :) Well today we have a good news, as you will be able to discover the winners of this great contest!!

Before that check on the Jury's comment:

"Among all the ideas, these 3 ideas were very clever on how to approach the problem. They were also very aligned with the brief and the main business issue."

1st Prize of 3000€ goes to Gevorg (Russia) for Promotional Campaign

Hello! I would like to thank all the community Eyeka and Pepsi company for the opportunity to let us express ourselves. It was a very interesting contest and I am glad that I was able to win it! It is my first victory, and so I am doubly happy. I wish to all the participants of the community a lot of inspiration and victories!

2nd Prize of 1500€ goes to Ben_Saunders (United Kingdom) for Pepsi Mystery

Ben did not share his comments with us yet.

3rd Prize of 1000€ goes to Cryipt_Pamungkas (Indonesia) for Change your change

Winning 1,000 is so great, it will re-motivating me to join more contest. and with 1,000 I can get a new HD camera, that's mean I can join the video-contests... wish me luck :D

Thanks a lot for your the enthusiasm  for this contest. You all had great ideas ! Congrats to the winners !!