Lenovo Yoga

"We make the tools, you make them do" Still remember the above tagline of Lenovo? I think it is appropriate for me to say that it represents what you have done for Lenovo Yoga contest.  You have shown how Lenovo Yoga, a new convertible device which is a combination of laptop + tablet, has 4 modes that help "those who do". Don't believe me? Here's what Lenovo have to say:
"Many thanks to all of you that have participated in the Lenovo competition, spending their spare time on our brief. We were very happy about the quantity of entries we have received and we are looking forward to work together with you again!"
So without further ado, here are the three best creators in this contest:
First Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to wahjoehidajat (Indonesia) with Lenovo - Bullet Train Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to sm_all (Italy) with Demonstration of virtuosity Third Prize of EUR 500 goes to Bee1117 (China) with Let's go
  Congratulation, everyone! :D P.s.: We apologize as we are unable to showcase the winning entries because Lenovo have yet to use them for the intended purposes. Thank you for your understanding.