blog_banner(8) Nowadays, women are increasingly concerned with their beauty and general wellbeing. Eating well is an important part of this - health and beauty supplements are good for you but they are boring and tend not to taste great, while indulgent foods that you eat for pleasure are generally not very healthy or good for your skin. “Mini-meal” is the exception. It is a delicious health and beauty supplement that provides a creamy, indulgent taste with low calories as well as health and beauty benefits such as collagen and dietary fiber. It comes in an innovative product format - powders in a sachet. Mixed and stirred with cold milk, it forms a creamy yogurt-like texture, which not only tastes great but also makes you feel full for longer, thanks to the texture and the goodness inside. You can enjoy it as part of your main meals, as a snack in-between meals or even a healthy dessert! Impress women with an original, memorable and engaging story to describe the most compelling and appealing element of this delicious health and beauty supplement. Make them want to discover this new product! Format: Storyboard (illustrations with explanations)

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