Close Up White Now     Do you remember this nice contest where the goal was to give women an instant edge? That was the Close Up White Now contest, for those who do not remember about this contest, click here to get more information. We now have the 3 winners of this contest: 1st Prize of 8000€ goes to HenriClairan for The Star (final version)
I started working as a writer and director almost 2 years ago. Eyeka is a great website that helped me from the start because participating in their contests is a great way to improve and... to make money! (They didn't pay me to say that, it comes from the heart!) And it's great to win a prize, it's very encouraging. To all those who try and didn't win anything yet, I want to say this: keep trying, if you have enough motivation, your turn will come. 2 keys, I believe, lead to success: a lot of work, and participating in as many contests as possible to increase your chances. Also, I believe the most important part is the idea, the scenario. Once you have a good idea everything will be easier, shooting, acting, directing, because everybody will understand and like the idea! So good luck to everybody and... good luck to me too! ;) Because yes, I intend to continue!
2nd Prize of 5,000€ goes to Andersen for Close Up on Stage - Re-edit
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3rd Prize of 2,000€ goes to  Myaka for Close Up Casting V2
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Congrats to the Winners ! You did a great job ! Thanks everyone for your participation in this contest.

See you soon on for new contests!!