Hyundai I40.   Hi creators, You managed for sure to surprise us with your amazing creation for Hyundai!! Indeed your challenge was to Create an engaging and surprising viral video that shows what happens in a new world where everything is better than it should be. Make it fun, intense and unexpected! Now let me introduce you with our winners, and some comments from the Jury in Italic:   1st Prize of  12 500€ goes to evercom (France) for Zombie attack This is a viral video which  follows serials trends.
For the moment evercom did not share any comments with us.
2nd Prize of 5000€ goes to rom1s (France) for Hyundai i40 This creation delivers the idea of our slogan
I get inspiration from movies, commercials, music but also people in the streets. The prize is going to allow me to make other videos and to organize a big party with my actors!:)
3rd Prize of 2500€ goes to dmotion (France) for fairy tale Funny and viral
For the moment dmotion did not share any comments with us.

Thanks a lot for your help on this !! You did great videos and impressed the Jury !!

See you soon !!