Good news! We have winners of Yves Rocher contest. This contest was a real success! The Yves Rocher Gift team wants to thank all of you for your amazing creativity on this topic: "We are very grateful for the time and energy your spent on it. Women, beauty, nature… This inspired you and there were many participants who send us creations. It was so hard to select only 3 of them that is why we decided to add one more to our selection. Therefore we are pleased to reward the 4 best gift ideas."

Let's find more about the winners and jury's comments:

First prize of 3,000€ goes to artjective (from Philippines) Your idea of all-in-one mirror is both modern, useful and beauty-oriented, with a sustainable aspect. Sure it will be able to delight women. Second prize of 1,500€ goes to valerirr777  (from Russia) Your idea of box with mini greenhouse is both useful and botanical-oriented, and will be able to delight women. Third prize of 500€ goes to Publicomano  (from Colombia) Your idea is an excellent mix of modernity and sustainability, with a very nice design. Sure it will be able to delight women. Extra prize of 500€ goes to drSn (from Spain) Your idea is both useful and beauty-oriented, and it has a very beautiful design. Sure it will be able to delight women.
Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to every one for your participation, you are the best community ever! ;)