blog_banner (2)   Life today is full of possibilities, fun and opportunities… there is so much that we can’t always do it all! Samsung believes in being imaginative and creative to help people discover more and get more out of their world. Its new Galaxy S4 is packed with innovative, intuitive and simple features that let you do things that were just not possible before. You can record sound while taking pictures, capturing memories more vividly. You can take dual shots with the front and rear cameras in one single picture. You can create motion-capture pictures showing all steps of an action effortlessly. We need your help to create excitement about Samsung and its amazing Galaxy S4! Create an original, surprising and quirky video with an unexpected twist in which one of the highlighted features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 allows you to do creative and out of the ordinary things to get more out of your life and have fun! Format: Video or animation of 30 to 45 seconds.

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Prize 27,500€
#1 Prize 20,000€ #2 Prize 5,000€ #3 Prize 2,500€
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