dibZU9qDe5o   5 weeks after the contest ends, we finally have the result for Fiat 500 contest! Do you still remember the brief? We asked you to create a series of 4 different photographic portraits of individuals, each illustrating the atmosphere and color scheme of a specific FIAT 500 model. The jury likes your works and here's the feedback from them: “We selected these three entries for their quality of execution and originality. The story behind the photos has put forward all the themes proposed by establishing a close link with fashion, glamor, style, optimism: specific values of Fiat 500. These are the criteria that were determinants in the final decision. We would like to congratulate all participants for their dedication and creativity in this competition.”
First Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to rendvila (Singapore) with Fiat 500 Second Prize of EUR 750 goes to mierteran (Spain) with Concurso Fiat 500 | Jorge Mier-Terán Third Prize of EUR 250 goes to gaiariva (Italy) with Gaia for Fiat 500
Awesome works, guys! CONGRATULATION from all of us and keep up the good work! For all participants, thank you so much for your creativity and effort! :)