blog_banner3 Today we are happy to announce the winners of Refreshing Frozen Beverage contest! For those who do not remember what was the brief, it’s simple: we asked you to show teenage guys why the new frozen beverage’s natural, refreshing energy makes it the most unique and best choice for them through a poster. Now let’s discover the winner:
First Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to sm_all (Italy) with EnergICE Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to hunty (UK) with V2o Max poster master Third Prize of EUR 500 goes to Rubinstein (France) with Fruiz, Drink Frozen Fruits
Congratulation and well done! For all of you who have participated in this contest, thank you very much for taking part in this creative challenge! Stay creative :) P.s.: We apologize as we are unable to publish the winning entries due to the confidentiality nature of this contest. It’s a new product idea that should not be shown to the public yet.