Hi all, As you know we recently released a new feature on eYeka which allowed you to view the submitted entries from other participants as long as your own entry has been accepted into that contest. Then we've created a poll asking your preferences on two options: to get access to participants’ media only after the end of the contest or to have access to participants’ media from the very 1st day the contest runs live. You mostly preferred the first option and we've heard you! But we also listened to our clients. From now on, there will be three kinds of contests:
  • Confidential contest: entries are not visible to participants on eYeka.com, simply because the brand believes the content is too important to be shared.
  • Private contest: contributors are allowed to see others’ works once the contest is over (note that a contributor is a participant whose entry has been accepted). While the brand trusts you not to share the entries outside of eYeka, it is important that you be able to position yourself vs other contributors.
  • Public contest: entries are visible for everyone, even during the contest. This is used for social content where the brand is usually looking for maximum amplification.
How will you know which of the options is applicable? Just take part in the contest and if the entries are not visible to you then the contest is confidential. You may also drop us an email or leave a question on the discuss tab. ;) We try to improve our services and your inputs are always welcome! Keep on writing to us through the Support tab, should you want to share any more feedback or suggestions. Your Community Team