Hello all, The interview with our creator of the month of April is ready! For this month, we have chosen a creator from Korean community. As they surely show us their authentic talents in videos and designs with real creative ideas! Our community consists of multinational creators. We are always open to everyone in this world as long as you are creative and fun. :) Without further ado let’s meet our creator of the month. On eYeka she is known as Yunganghui, it is also her real name: Yun Ganghui.

Hello, I'm a freelance designer. Usually I work for the advertising draft proposals or illustrations. Recently, I participate in contests to build my portfolio. I was looking for some interesting contests. I found eYeka through another contest website.

I had never participated in international contests before eYeka. I checked contests which have been taking place on eYeka and I saw many well known brands. So, I decided to challenge myself.

I personally think that eYeka is a space for the global communication between numerous designers from all over the world.

If eYeka makes some quantitative and qualitative improvement of the site, I am sure that the platform will become a medium which has endless potential like Twitter of Facebook for a creative community.

What is the most important thing in the design for you? It is important to work primarily on the principle of geometry.  Then I would say the personality and the humour! How do you get new ideas? I often search other designers’ and illustrators’ works through web surfing. I check some design books and try to watch as many things as possible through films, exhibitions and also TV to have variety of information. Sometimes great ideas came up without doing anything. What would you say to eYeka community members? Yet, compared to Europe, Americas or Japan, South Korean design is not so known. But it is starting to be distinguished on the world design community.  There are “hidden” designers based on solid fundamental skills. If they participate actively in international contests, the excellence of Korean design will be recognized very soon. Personally, I hope that Korean creators can freely collaborate with foreign creators. And to Korean creators? As I come from a non English speaking country and it was the first time that I participated in an international contest, I had some difficulties to understand the brief which was just in English. But the hot potato was, after the winning, the contract in English. There was so many legal words, so it was hard to understand. I felt the necessity to study English. It is important to be active in international field. Hopefully there will be more Korean creators at eYeka showing their great talents. My feeling is that if you think something is interesting, just challenge it! For any results, I am sure that you would learn something during the process. Why not making your first steps with eYeka? Thank you for interviewing me. I wish very best of luck for eYeka. Many thanks to Yunganghui. :) She hasn’t got an online portfolio or a personal website yet. Hopefully, in the nearest future we will see more of her creations through eYeka!