blog_banner4 (3) What happens when Comfort’s blissful fragrances give the most amazing pampering experiences to a stressed woman? All of you did a great job sending us amazing entries for Comfort contest and today we are happy to announce the winners! Please also see below some comments that the winners wanted to share with you: First prize of EUR 5,000 goes to duncan88smith (UK) with entry Comfprts world of pampering
“A friend of mine introduced me to eYeka. I think the competitions are a great way for creatives to explore their ability.  It was fantastic to win.”
Second prize of EUR 3,000 goes to final3 (China) with entry 金纺
“I really like how eYeka works, brief is clear, support is good. For freelancer like me, it's a great platform. I hope eYeka could become a platform to produce great movie, that will be even better.”
Third prize of EUR 2,000 goes to pazoujojo (France) with entry Pub comfort par John et Alexis
“I discovered eYeka with my girlfriend, then I decided to join the contest with my friend Alexis. I am Art director and Alexis is an video maker.  Actually I am looking for job, participating in eYeka contest allows me to take advantage of my free time. The reason why I joined this Comfort contest is that, we found an idea very quickly while we were drinking beer. We were very proud of us when we found out we won. This is the first time I work with Alexis and I believe this is not the last one! ”
  Congratulations from eYeka to all of you who gave your best, winners and participants! Thank you, guys! :) P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!