The typical Heineken drinker is male, 28-34 years old, a bit of a night owl who loves to be surprised. He is open to new experiences and enjoys trying new things, particularly when it comes to drinks in bars! By stepping out of his comfort zone and experimenting he really makes the most of his night. Heineken needs your help to invent a new Heineken beer that will light up the night and make those who drink it stand out! Invent a new and unique Heineken beer aimed at young men who want to stand out from the crowd, experience new things and light up the night. Your challenge is to create a complete concept of a new Heineken beer that covers: a ritual or a surprise in the serving (a “wow effect”), packaging ideas, a description of the taste (beer is the base) and a name (the name must be “Heineken + something”). Format: presentations with text, illustrations, pictures.

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  We have 5,000€ for 3 best ideas:
1st Prize: 3,000€ 2nd Prize: 1,500€ 3rd Prize: 500€
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