Hi All, Here in Europe, Spring is coming soon, we are entering in a brand new month: MARCH. Finally winter is leaving, and singing birds, burgeoning flowers, picnic, warm weather, are coming back... So let’s all say good bye to our coat and let’s warmly welcome spring!! :-D Apart from that, today is a big day as we also have another guest, who is ….. Our creator of the month of March. You may already know him under the name of Saya, he comes from Ecuador!! You know this wonderful country in South America between Peru and Colombia. Well in order for you to have an idea of how it looks like, just check on this photo of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador!!

March CoTM

Well, now let’s discover our Creator of the month's interview:

Hi my name is  Andrés Jácome, I was born in Ecuador, and I’m very proud of it. I’m a creative graphic engineer, I love to design and test myself to see until where I can get, in everything I do. I never let anything defeat me. “I joined eYeka as I was looking for design competitions; to be honest I joined just to try out. But then I got more and more interested in eYeka, after each contest. So far, I won one Prize in a contest, but it motivated me to keep on participating for eYeka, and I will continue to do so. My source of motivation comes from my family, my wife, and my two wonderful daughters. As for my inspiration, it comes from the world around me, the shapes, the colors, and the creative idea comes into my head almost immediately. Actually I am very lucky, I think I have a gift. :) What I like about eYeka? Well the fact that the brands we are working with are well renowned in the world. Clearly this gives much prestige to eYeka and of course to the creative community as well. I wish  the best to all the designers in the world, whatever in their personal and family life. And I send the strongest hugs to everyone from Ecuador. I wish you all a good health and happiness!!
March CoTM2
In the photo you can see my daughter Amelie and I in "Caráquez Bay" beach on the coast of Ecuador.”


Actually Saya brought us into confidence and told us who was the most inspiring  artist for him:
From my country (cf Ecuador) I get inspiration from  Oswaldo Guayasamín . I like the crude realism from his work, and the social reality of the Latinos countries. He passed away already but his paintings are stunning, impressive. From South America, I like SOTO : a kinetic artist from Venezuela. But I also appreciate Luigi Stornaiolo. I like his abstract work based on the madness of people.
luigi stornaiolo
  I was also curious to know if his daughter heritated from his talent. And guess what, she is indeed already very talented.  
March CoTM3
“In the photo, you can see the first painting of my daughter when she was 6 months old. Now she is 5 years old. It was the first approach that my daughter had with graphic arts.”

Whaouh!!  What a great interview. Thanks a lot Saya!

Hope you all enjoyed reading it as well. See you soon!!