Besides taking you from A to B, what role could a car play in your life? What special memories, unique experiences or great moments could happen with a car? Could a car be seen as a home, as a place to heal or to create? Even as a friend? Or can you think of a different way to use your car? Hyundai believes that cars have a special place in people's lives and can bring you brilliant experiences, beyond being just... cars. Tell us an original and engaging story where people have a brilliant, memorable experience with a car that is more than just a car. Format: prints, video, animation Click here to view the brief and participate!   We have a total of EUR 69,500 for TWELVE winners! Yes, you read that right! :D VIDEO CATEGORY:
1st Prize: EUR 25,000 2nd Prize: EUR 12,000 3rd Prize: EUR 6,000 4th Prize: EUR 2,000 5th Prize: EUR 2,000 6th Prize: EUR 2,000
1st Prize: EUR 10,000 2nd Prize: EUR 5,000 3rd Prize: EUR 2,500 4th Prize: EUR 1,000 5th Prize: EUR 1,000 6th Prize: EUR 1,000
  So what are you waiting for? so many prizes up for grab just for you. Let's get the engine started! This contest will be running until June 6, 2013.