In our "always-on" world, it is getting increasingly difficult for families to spend quality time together. Kids are under increasing pressure, dealing with stress and expectations. In fact, children are becoming a bit of an endangered species as kids face adult challenges earlier and earlier. Moms recognize this shift, and want to make sure that they prepare their kids for the challenges and uncertainty of the world ahead. Creating strong family bonds is critically important to building a sense of safety, security and support as kids prepare for the future. But time is precious these days, and moms need easy, no-frill ways to get the family together for quality bonding time. What could be a better way to bring families back together than an ice cream treat? Breyers is an iconic American brand of ice creams and frozen desserts that has been delighting families for over 140 years. Create a modern, joyful and engaging story where a mom manages to bring her family together for a spontaneous, playful and memorable moment, thanks to Breyers. Format: Video 30 to 60 seconds or series of at least 4 photographs.

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  We have 30,600€ for 6 best ideas:
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