In-Store Display

Using a hair care product is a pleasure. Shampoos, conditioners and creams are colorful and attractive. They smell good, they are easy to carry and nice to use. But it is not always fun to shop for hair care products. There are so many products in the aisle that there isn’t a single one that really stands out.This is because hair care product displays don’t attract much and have difficulties to engage with consumers. The only thing people can currently do is to open a bottle of shampoo to smell it, put it back and try another one…. This leaves a lot of room for creativity! Can you come up with a product display that would immediately grab the attention of a busy shopper? A product display that would stop people in their tracks and make them want to interact with it? A product display that would turn choosing a hair care product into a great experience, appealing to all five senses? Create an innovative hair care product display that is attention-grabbing and that engages all five senses, allowing customers to interact with the products and thereby making them more likely to buy them. Format: prints - photo, presentation, illustration with description. Click here to view the brief and participate!   We have EUR 5,000 for three best display ideas:
1st Prize: EUR 1,250 up to EUR 2,500 2nd Prize: EUR 750 up to EUR 1,500 3rd Prize: EUR 500 up to EUR 1,000
  This contest will be running until April 14, 2013. Show us your best product display! ;)