New Clear Men is an anti-dandruff shampoo specially designed for men that stops dandruff by treating the root cause of the problem. Because it is more natural (with ginseng, tea tree and mint) and treats dandruff at the source (the scalp), men who use Clear products have great looking hair and therefore the confidence to show the world what they can achieve. What could this new-found confidence allow them to reveal and to achieve? Create a witty, classy and virally entertaining video that shows what men could reveal when they no longer have a reason to hide, thanks to great flake-free hair from new Clear Men Shampoo. Be creative and submit a high quality video that is really modern and smart, a video that people would want to share with each other and has the potential to go viral. The idea is to show the role that Clear Men Shampoo plays in giving men dandruff-free confidence. Format: Videos and animations no longer than 45 seconds.

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  We have 30,000€ for 3 best ideas:
1st Prize: 15,000€ 2nd Prize: 10,000€ 3rd Prize: 5,000€
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