When familiar social cues are no longer present, we talk about culture shock. It is the feeling of being in front of someone different, parachuted into a place; a situation or a special setting that disturbs us. Human interaction and culture shock make for great TV moments. Indeed, TV programs such as Wife Swap, Farmer Wants a Wife, Real Housewives and Next are a great success. Can you help a huge free national broadcaster create the next very big thing on TV, using the idea of culture shock? Your challenge is to invent a new TV program idea based around human interactions with a dose of culture shock that is original, not an imitation of an existing program, and that will encourage viewers to use social networks while watching! Format: Text documents or presentations that you might like to enhance with photos or illustrations.

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  We have 5,000€ for 3 best ideas:
1st Prize: 3,000€ 2nd Prize: 1,500€ 3rd Prize: 500€
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