Hi everyone! Still remember the Philips Consumer Lighting contest which ended on July 2012 when we asked you to "bring to life what's great about LED light bulbs in a very engaging video or animation"? Here's the list of winners if you don't remember ;) On of these videos, No Heat by a UK community member, Beau, is now being aired on Philips’ YouTube page.

The video was light, funny and has viral potential,” the brand said about Beau’s video in the winner announcement, “it portrayed clearly the benefits of LED bulbs.” Philips is counting on the viral potential of Beau’s cool video to let the world know about the benefits of LED light bulbs. We love it, we share it! So this is the first of the 3 winning creations to be featured on the brand's social network. We are looking forward for the other winning entries to be implemented as well! Stay tuned and we will keep you updated. Well done, Beau! :D