Activia blog_banner (7)   Do you remember this great Activia contest where we asked you to Help us to communicate the positive side of feeling well and having a happy belly by showing us what a happy belly looks like. Well you inspired us with your amazing entries!! And to be honest we were not the only ones to be pleased by your entries. The client was also delighted by your creation, and here is the message they wanted to transmit to you:
Those are 3 interesting routes that inspire us to develop further creativities. Other designs also explore those routes but those 3 are our preferred executions.
Now let's discover the winners 1st Prize of 3500€ goes to ypp1117 (from China)
This is so exciting! I won again, this is the third time I won in eYeka and I got the most prize in this contest! I participated in this contest because I got the eYeka newsletter, but even I was not invited, I will definitely join as I visit eYeka website everyday and this contest looks interesting. When I was reading the brief, I had a lot fun and came up with many interesting ideas. I was exciting when creating the entry, as I can show all kinds of people. I used to work as a graphic designer, very tired. Now I have my own online shop with my friend and I am doing the design job. Sometime it's quite busy, but I have more free time to join eYeka contest. eYeka is a great place for creative people, even though sometimes I feel disappointed, most of the time are exciting, encouraging and I learn a lot. Thank you eYeka again!
2nd Prize of 1000€ goes to ketchoupi59 (from France)
After reading the Activia brief  for the happy Belly challenge, I was immediately inspired ! For me a happy belly is a healthy intestinal flora. So I imagined the body as an ecosystem preserved related to the flora and fauna. The body represents a luxurious nature, protected by the Activia assets.   I am a Webdesigner in an agency from Roubaix, I join contest during the Week-end for fun and to keep working in the advertising sector because during my studies I got a degree in advertising :)
3rd Prize de 500€ goes to cyx2013 (From China)
Cyx2013 did not share his comments with us already.

Congrats to the winners, but also to all the participants !! Thank you all for your wonderful creations ! 

P.s.: We apologize as we are unable to publish the winning entries due to the confidentiality nature of this contest. It’s a new product idea that should not be shown to the public yet :)