Cornetto SEA

Cornetto contest was a success! Thanks to all of your effort and creativity, ice cream + teenage love became an awesome combination :D For those who don't remember what the brief was, we asked you to show teens how Cornetto helps to express their love to each other in a lovely and clever way through an engaging and youthful video/animation. So here are the three winners who have captured the judges' hearts with their creations: First Prize of EUR 12,500 goes to final3 (China) with The Station of Romantic Second Prize of EUR 5,000 goes to borix (Italy) with Fearless Third Prize of EUR 2,500 goes to shobz (Philippines) with Effeuiller La Marguerite
Heartiest congratulations to the winners! And once again, thank you for your submissions. We love each and every one of them :D P.s.: We apologize as we are unable to showcase the winning entries because Cornetto haven't used them for their intended purposes yet. Thank you for your understanding.