Hi all!! Does the name Bunta ring you a bell? Well I'm sure it does, as you really worked hard on this project.

Well for those who still do not remember of this contest, we were asking you this : Create an original and visually striking carton display box for the sachets of Bunta’s powdered beverage. And well you did it good, you were original, funny (yes we are speaking of a packaging), stunning, to sum up, you totally got the brief and respected the style of the product by sending joyful and fun packaging.

Now Here are the winners and some comments from the jury in italics:

First Prize of 3000€ goes to Narx for buntaslicedlemon (from Portugal)

Creative and feasible display box. Subtly plays on powdered FRUIT beverage through design of circular box and sachets as fruit segments.

I am surprised to have won this contest, I'm never satisfied with my work This award was a great motivation, Thank you eyeka for this opportunity  

Second Prize of 1500€ goes to Mrno for Bunta little Monster (From China)

 He added layer of creativity to a standard box, easy to develop and execute.

    It's so great for me to get an email from Eyeka every time!Thanks again for the prize. You really give me a lot of encouragement!Reading books about package in the library gave me the inspirition for Bunta .Thanks Eyeka and the brand again~ Best wish~

Third Prize of 500€ goes to eM_aR23 for Bunta (Powder Beverage Packaging) (From Philippines)

Unique, multi-functional display - hung from ceiling or displayed on counter.

It was a Heart whelming to know that the Jury appreciated my artwork/Concept and Im very glad to be part of it. Winning this prize is very big help to me because as a fresh grad, I never thought that I could compete to the random artist in the world and so this adds more self esteem in me and gives me inspiration to pursue on participating at Eyeka. Thank you very much Eyeka!"

Congrats to the winners for their great ideas and thanks to all the participants !!

See you soon on a new contest.

P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!