Hello everyone!

It’s February and it’s time to meet our Creator of the Month. It’s the first time we feature someone from the Russian-speaking community. Please meet fDunk, he is from Ukraine and is a very talented and bright person.

Hi, here you can know me as fDunk. I'm from Ukraine, I was born in a small town, regional center, where I still live so far.

I acquired a profession in medicine; I am a certified radiologist and a teacher and I’m working in this field. But with each passing day I clearly understood that this was not my place - the problem is simple - I get bored there. Only when I am creative, I feel myself at the right place.

Creativity for me is an opportunity to discover myself, to express my potential and my soul.

Creativity is the sheer magic – when you start from nothing and create something absolutely new and unique, something that only you can do. I am not talking about logic or making something using one’s mind, I'm talking about the flight of fantasy, about pure inspiration that is born within you and then overwhelm you entirely until you express it in some way. And then you grab that insight and expand it into a whole world.

Therefore eYeka is the place where you can draw inspiration, which has an amazing variety of tasks as well as methods for their embodiment. There are always several contests, and there is always a choice.

I found eYeka one day, typing into Google something about the creative contests - I wanted to challenge myself and my creativity, and here I am, and incredibly happy about that.

eYeka – is a place where people from all over the world: different cultures, different ways of life, different religions and world-views can realize themselves and their creativity. This is the empowerment for people, and everybody here gets the benefit - the customer, contestants, eYeka employees – isn’t it a perfect model of co-existence?

I have always been inspired by people who have the talent and know how to express it, no matter what. People expanding the borders of consciousness, crashing stereotypes, people who have learned about something unique within themselves and dared to share it with the world.

What is my dream for the future? All I want is to love myself and the world, to create, to express myself and enjoy the life. It may sound like a cliché, but this is how I feel. As for the creativity - I learn, grow, develop, and practice. In the future, I wish to create a project (s) where I can combine all my talents into something integer - photography, video making, poetry, prose, painting, maybe even music.

Thank you, fDunk, for your inspiring words. We are always happy when our creators feel comfortable and free to express themselves within our project. Be creative and stay true to yourself ;)