Dear creators, we are sure that you do remember and can't wait to know the results of Gillette Football Club! Despite the quality, originality and a good number of entries, the client has waived his rights to pick the winners. The explanation is that the entries were not enough Gillette oriented. A Jury from eYeka has made this hard choice. Don't be confused, we were as objective as possible (the prizes were too high) and organized a vote among us to choose the most relevant entries. It does not really change anything for the winners who will still be awarded with the guaranteed prize. First of all, on top of the three winners, we would like to shine a light on 5 creators who did a good job in execution. We really appreciate you, guys!
VadimShanko, the flip book is very cool. Nice job! Phixel, pretty cool animation. We like the characters! Alfonsog35, nice graphic design and very good looking icons. Franzo, the use of paper is a great idea which is very well executed! Twizta, special recognition for having extra legs and arms! This one really made us laugh! Keep going, you're not far... final3, we can feel the hard work behind this video. This is original and good looking.
Without further ado, here are the winners, their comments and our feedback (in italics): First prize of 20,000 EUR goes to acefrehley67 (from France)
This video is quite original and intriguing. When you first look at it, you do not understand what will come next. It is a good teasing. The cast is quite diverse that shows many types of men; it makes you want to watch it till the end. The execution is nice. It brings to life Gillette Football Club in a nice and original way. There is no football shown but the emphasis is on the feelings of the guys and this is the nice thing about it. Very good work! Congrats! The contest' subject immediately caught my attention. I tried something original, by focusing on reactions, emotions, and on the human side of the product. I'm really happy that the media did match with the brand’s creed!
Second prize of 15,000 EUR goes to andre_pigulevsky (from Ukraine)
We like the humour or the video, touching on the quirky and off-beat along the way. The office settings make it relevant for a male audience. It is really about football and close to Gillette brand. Nice execution as well and good actors! Congrats for your first upload and keep creating nice videos! Within myself I believed that our video will be one of the best three ones. This announcement made me happy and gave positive energy for the coming days. We will participate again and again!
Third prize of 10,000 EUR goes to sendy (from Tunisia)
We like very much the concept behind this video. the idea of football reuniting people. The idea of having real people coming to your place to assist to the football game is a nice metaphor of the website. Nice execution, nice cast. Very good work, very promising. With the help of my team mate Fadhel we’ve tried to respect the rules of the brief to its maximum and keep a secret at the same time. We’ve tried to make it possible to create this video with the help of our friends. We were not mistaken by our feelings; it’s great, thank you eYeka!
Congratulation to the winners! And thank you everyone for participating. It was great to see all of your creative ideas! P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries - upon client's request the entries have been hidden. You are now able to view the submitted entries from other participants as long as your own entry has been accepted into that contest. Thank you for your understanding!