blog_banner (8) Dear creators, We now know that you really enjoy the present moment in your everyday life, providing from all the tiny minutes that life give you the opportunity to live. We were all amazed by your creation, because they were very original, and proper to your own culture. But the moral of this contest is that you really know how to live in the moment, whatever your country and culture is. For those who still do not remember what was the point of this contest, it's simple, we needed you to show us what it means to you to enjoy the present moment, when time stops and nothing else matters but you and the people you are with. Now let's discover the winners, some of them even wanted to share with us a personal photo so that we can visualize them a bit better!! But before that, have a look to the Jury's comment:  
"The videos really brought to life what living in the moment feels like, it is this feeling that for us is very important. It shouldn't be rationalisied, it should feel free and easy. The production values of the winning French entry were in particular well appreciated. For the designs, it was again this feeling that came through loud and clear, like you are almost in  the moment with them. We also loved that nature was prevalent in the images as we believe this truly brings you into the moment."  
  Video Category 1st Prize of 8,000€ goes to Maevach for Sweet moments in the Basque country (From France)
First of all, I am Parisian and I co-realized this movie with my Basque boyfriend, Pierre d’Arcangues. We were inspired by his life and by its knowledge to live with his friends exactly as tells it the voice-over in the movie. We invited friends for an apéritif by saying to them that we prepared a movie but without warning them really of our intentions  to keep a natural aspect. For example there is Joemy who makes  photography and who always comes with his device or Remy who makes some music and who has very often an instrument. The girls are very good friends of mine etc.... We really wanted to be sincere in work by showing all that we like sharing like food, shooting, music, dance, and it in a wonderful place. Pierre and I want thank the friends comedians as well as John who wrote us the music. And also the team of Eyeka as well as the brand to have proposed this competition. We find that the concept of exchanging the media on one subject with people of whole world is great. Every proposal are very interesting! We are very satisfied to have had a prize and we say "thank you very much" and we are soon going to make a small party in Basque country ;) 
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  2nd Prize of 5000€ goes to ericdraven for Meet at our bar (from Spain)
It was a great contest, I am very glad for having joined it, not only for the prize of course, but also because it was clear and inspiring. I liked because I was able to did it with my friends and now I can share the joy of the 2nd prize with them. All that is seen on the video is true, and we only wanted to describe it as the way it is. They are my friends from so long, and we have traveled all around the world together, so this is a great way to celebrate our friendship. We are really happy with this. 
 3rd Prize of 2000€ goes to silverwings1944 for Moments to cherish (from USA)
Living in the moment is very important to me. We waist so much of our time living in the past or only thinking of the future. Which is good to look ahead, but so many of us always say "one day" or focus on the future so much that our lives slip away without cherishing the moments happening right in front of you. I'm so excited to have won so I can share that message with everyone! Enjoy what you have right now and the time with those you love, because you never know when they might not be there or when  the moment will end. When I was in Europe traveling the people there seemed to truly live in the moment and it was amazing. I hope to use this money to be able to travel there again.Thank you again so much for this opportunity!


  Design Category   1st Prize of 2500€ goes to Ranggaimmanuel for  time of our life (From Indonesia)
"Living the moment is an everyday thing for me. Living in the most crowded city in Indonesia, working 9 to 7 everyday, traffic jam everywhere make me always looking for the greatest spot of this city with my friends, closing the day with a good laugh. When I read this brief from eyeka, what I need to do is just take a picture of what we usually do in our weekend. Thanks again eYeka for this opportunity. Feel so blessed knowing that my submission won the 1st prize! Woohoo.."
  2nd Prize of 1,500€ goes to warmantera12 for together we have fun with twilight (from Indonesia)
"To find Eyeka for me was more valuable than finding the greatest treasure in the world. For me, eYeka is about creativity. eYeka challenges my creativity without boundaries. I am very are interested in photography, video editing, and film. and I'm always looking for inspiration anywhere and at anytime. Wow, I was really surprised when I discovered I won this contest. And I promised myself that when I would get a Prize, I would buy a a beautiful necklace for my mother, whom birthday is in a few days,  My mother who  always convinced me when I did not believe in myself .. Thank you eYeka, I will continue to create on eYeka, now and always."
  3rd Prize of 1000€ goes to Lucielecrosnier for Time Stops (from France)
 Lucile did not share already her thoughts with us.

Congrats to the winners!! And thank you all for your participation!

P.s.: We apologize as we are unable to publish the winning entries due to the confidentiality nature of this contest. It’s a new product idea that should not be shown to the public yet :)