Yves Rocher is a leading beauty brand based on the philosophy of Botanical Beauty (Cosmétique Végétale®, in France). Yves Rocher offers a range of make-up, face and body care, hair care, bath and shower products for women, composed of natural and botanical ingredients. The products therefore respect both nature and your skin Yves Rocher likes to reward its customers with quality gifts that are beautiful and feminine as well as useful. If you were to create the next generation of Yves Rocher gifts, what would you offer to their female customers? Delight Yves Rocher’s customers by creating a new gift idea that embodies the spirit of Botanical Beauty whilst being useful, feminine and of high quality. Format: PowerPoint presentations, sketches, illustrations, pictures or a mix of these.

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  We have  5,000€ for 3 best ideas:
1st Prize: 3,000€ 2nd Prize: 1,500€ 3rd Prize: 500€
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