blog_banner (7)   Creators, discover this brand new challenge about this amazing refreshment that you already know for sure : Pepsi. Well Pepsi needs you to invent a new and innovative concept in order to show how great this beverage tastes. We know you can do it. Check more details bellow ==> Do you like Pepsi? In blind tastings, Pepsi is often said to have a unique and absolutely delicious taste. But you know how it is… some people follow the crowd and are unwilling to change. Others prefer to be different, to shake things up! We are looking for great new ideas, besides TV advertising or free trials, to get people to discover how great Pepsi tastes. So rack your brains and help us to find THE amazing new idea to show people that Pepsi really tastes great! Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text.  

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  Prize : up to  5 500€ to win
First Prize: 3000€ Second Prize: 1 500€ Third Prize: 1 000€
  Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion, please.  Beware of the deadline: This contest will be running until  March, the 11th.