Creators, We have a great new challenge for you, it's very motivating!! You have a chance to take part in the eYeka adventure, so here it comes, take it, and show us how talented you are. Basically, you need to rethink your eYeka experience on our website, how would you make it better ? Tell us everything, be explicit, and convincing!! You, our community, provide leading brands with fresh ideas, inspiration and creative content every day. For you, the website is the starting point of a fun, creative, fulfilling yet sometimes frustrating experience...But how would you improve it? This is your brand new challenge. From accessing the website for the first time and becoming a member to discovering and participating in projects to engaging with our community managers to winning your first contest, imagine the ideal surfing experience from beginning to end. Help us shape our future by telling us the story of your ideal experience on the website, to make it much better than it is today. Format: Presentation, pictures with explanations.  

Click here to view the Brief and participate !!

Prize: 1 000€
  Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion, please.  Beware of the deadline: This contest will be running until  March the 10th