Hi all, We now have the results of the Dalix contest. And guess what, we were amazed by the quality of your ideas and creations. Well, we got a lot of excellent creation, and I'm sure the client must have had some difficulties to make a final choice. Well if you don't really remember the challenge of this contest, here was what you were asked : to create a new type of packaging for Dalix that stands out on the shelves and communicate the idea of "Strong Women", that is women who are confident, strong willed and independent. But they finally elected the winners and you are now about to discover who was rewarded: First Prize goes to MOCKI010  for DALIX-PAGE-07-DESIGN-CONCEPT-06-HR (from Germany) Second Prize goes to Icecream for  ingIt push (from Ukraine) Third Prize goes to katti87 for dalix (from Germany)  

Thank you all for your participation.