blog_banner (2)   Hi all,

You remember this big challenge that looked scary at first glance? Well some of you bet they could handle this complicated challenge, and actually they were right. Because all the participants who join in this contest did an amazing job. Indeed it was not an easy task to show people with diabetes who have limited ability to read how to use an injection pen and insulin doses through simple, clear and engaging visual explanations that will be given to them with the product.

Thus, the whole eYeka team would like to congrat all the participant for their creativity and smartness, you impressed us and the jury !! Well done.

Here is what the jury wanted to say to all the participants:

Despite a quite complex Brief, we were strongly impressed by the good involvement from all of you and by the quality and creativity of your outputs. It was our first experience of the co-creation and we are very convinced about the value to continue. Thank you to all of you and good luck for the next contest. 

Now it's time to discover the winners, and some personal comments from the jury in Italics:

1st Prize of 3,000€ goes to hxn (China) for Doctor S

Very nice, the story is very simple. The complexity of the user notice is strongly less visible. It makes the use of allstar quite like a tool for a child. The presence of HCP gives a feeling of confidence. The tone is joyfull (no stress at all). Congratulation

2nd Prize of 1,500€ goes to malaysiandesigners (Malaysia) for Revised sanofi insulin doodle style

Very well sequenced. The story is well-presented – very logique. Using only visuals respect the briefing but the quality of the visuals enables to perfectly and easily understand the use of Allstar. Congratulation!

3rd Prize of 500€ goes to  jhardwick2 (UK) for Using Your ALLstar Insulin Pen

Impressive by the design. It’s like a work of an agency. Very positive and joyfull. The use of allstar is simplified but could have been more.. Congratulation

Thank you to all the participants you are talented, and you proved it once again with this contest. Congrats to the 3 winners!!