Metlife-Alico We all want to be happy. “Happiness” is our shared goal and "Holy Grail". Life is not always easy and sometimes comes with its fair share of obstacles and setbacks. Despite these, how can we stay positive and move on? Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of help from others, even from people we don't know, to lead to an unexpectedly happy outcome. Through an engrossing video, tell us a positive, inspirational yet realistic story about how a little help from others can unexpectedly lead to a happy outcome. Format: Video/animation within 90 seconds

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  3 winners will be awarded with up to EUR 20,000!
#1 Prize 11,000€ #2 Prize 6,000€ #3 Prize 3,000€
Send your entries before January, 29th 2014! And as always leave your questions on Discuss tab!