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  Hi eYeka, We have another great success story to share with you about your creation! Just 5 months ago, we organized the Oxy contest, whereby we asked you to create a video / animation about Oxy facial wash for men to show teenage guys how “the amazing foam” gives them the ultimate refreshing feeling. Your entries went before eYeka and is now featured at Oxy website (you can use google translation for the website since it is in Japanese) and Oxy YouTube channel. Well done creators! The website features the success story of the Oxy contest including the jist of the contest, the winners entries and some comments from both Oxy and eYeka. Yuko Nakajima, together with Gen Nimiya and Sakura Tanaka, are one of the winning team for this contest and they come from none other than Japan itself, the origin on Oxy. They are students at Digital Hollywood.  


  Here are some comments from them about winning the contest:
We are students of Digital Hollywood in Japan and we study 3D computer graphics. This is the first eYeka contest we took part as part of the challenge given by our school. For our video, we tried to express that the sense of exhilaration can be felt throughout simple everyday tasks. We were very surprised by our win because we did not expect our video to win a prize. We're happy that our own work is well-received by many people and we are inspired to share more of our works to the world!
Thank you for all who have participated in Oxy contest. You have made another success story in eYeka. Well done! Here's the video from team Yuko which has won the third prize for this contest. Hope you like it and we'll see you in our upcoming eYeka contests! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOHsZlRf10A