Eurostar Dear creators, We are sure all of you love traveling: discovering new places, meeting new people, it is always so much fun!  Some time ago we started an exciting contest asking you to inspire people to travel to one of the Eurostar’s European destinations. Eurostar is a high-speed railway operator in Europe. For this contest your fun and witty video can be about Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Antwerp, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bruges or the South of France. Never visited Paris? You don’t have to be under the Eiffel Tower to shoot your video for this contest! Just use your imagination, try to find alternative locations. We are pretty sure that almost any town on Earth has a café in French style or English pub, bike parking or a night club, which can be a perfect decoration for your story!  Finally, do not forget about stop motion or animation, which does not know any borders! Don’t know much about Bruges or Lille? Your great friend Internet will help you! You can also ask your friends to help you and to share their stories and experience.  Just forget about all the cliches and show a truly personal and unexpected story. Make it fun and witty! If you are lucky to be born and to live in one of these places, do not miss this chance to tell the world about your home city, destroy the stereotypes and present it from a new and unexpected angle! If you are not sure about the tone to use in your video watch the campaign “Stories are waiting” from Eurostar as a guideline, but feel free to bring your own style. Eurostar will choose 5 winners, who will share 20,000€! Submit your entry before 19th of January, tell us your story!