Baking is great

Hi eYeka, I hope you have had fun with Baking is great contest, where we asked you to create online experience to make more and more people fall in love with baking and get connected through baking. We want to thank all of you who have participated and shared your creative ideas. Here are the winners for this contest with some comments from the client: 1st Prize (3,000€) goes to armanijsmith (United States) for White Wings Creative Strategy
The quality of the submission was very high, we particularly liked the Article Curation, Blogging and Recipe E Book ideas as part of the entry.
2nd Prize (1,500€) goes to martinbflordeliza (Philippines) for White Wings Baking Time, Bonding Time!
This entry had very strong emotional insights into the act of baking, the sense of family involvement, pic sharing and instructional videos.
3rd Prize (500€) goes to alessandroabaya (Philippines) for Bake Off
Great content and quality of design, particularly liked the app recipe book and ability to share recipes and outcomes.
Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for your amazing innovative ideas, which shares the joy of baking to more people. We wish you good luck in the upcoming eYeka contests! :)