Post-i   Dear creators,

We have a great news for you, once again you impressed the jury with the originality of your videos and animations. For this Post-it contest we asked you to "Create an original and engaging video to show students how Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and/or Flags and Page Markers can make a difference in their everyday lives by adding a human touch to creativity and communication."

Here is the message that the jury wanted to transmit to all the participants:

"Thanks to all contestants, your entries are really an amazing showcase of your love of Post-it products! We enjoyed viewing everyone of your entries and had a hard time shortlisting and further picking out winners."

Now it's time to discover the winners and some comments from the Jury in Italics:

1st Prize of 5 000€ goes to aceblvd for Post-It - Go Ahead, Share-It your own way

We loved the fresh perspective of how you used our products on-the-go. The video really brought to life how Post-it products make your thoughts mobile. Last but not least it is a fantastic product demo of how lasting our Super Sticky notes are. Great track and Go Ahead line too. Congratulations!

aceblvd did not share his comment with us yet.

2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to sararanieri for GO AHEAD, LIVE TOGETHER

We really enjoyed this video, it actually brought back memories of our own university days. It showed an array of product usage scenarios, some really fresh ideas(e.g. grocery list on the fridge)there!

Sararanieri did not share his comment with us yet.

3rd Prize of 2,000€ goes to RUSHandCUT for LEARN IN FUN

We appreciated the ingenious way in which the product was used individually- question at the front, answer at the back; and when used in large quantities-being able to form an image,adding that twist to the video. Most of all we liked that the characters were having fun whilst studying!

Created in 2002, RUSH & CUT, thanks to it independent spirit and artistic sensibility, play to make a brand shine and make it come alive"

Thank you all for taking part in this contest! See you soon for a new challenge!!