blog_banner17 Singapore already offers some of the world’s leading nature-themed attractions like Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari, but we are also excited that you invent some additional amazing attraction in our contest! Here's the message that the Jury wanted to share with all of you:
Thank you everyone for your great work. We had a tough time selecting the winners as we received so many compelling entries from all around the world. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your participation!
Now let’s discover the winners, and some comments from the Jury in Italics: 1st Prize of 7,500€ goes to elenarusm (UK) for THE ECO ISLAND
We loved how you conceived the park as a microcosm of the world with multiple habitats for different species. We also thought that you were very thoughtful in creating micro-experiences for visitors, especially by recommending that animal habitats be built to human scale to allow visitors to learn about the techniques applied by animals to build them. We also particularly liked the idea whereby visitors can stay overnight in “rooms” that have been recreated to resemble a habitat of a particular animal out in the wild. Lastly, we appreciate the fact that this was one of the only entries that recommended the use of recyclable and renewable energies.
2nd Prize of 3,500€ goes to gaiariva (Italy) for The Magic of Nature Show
You had great ideas on how to take themes like mimicry/camouflage etc and turn them into beautiful experiences. In particular, we liked your suggestion about getting visitors to use their imagination to invent their interpretation of odd looking animals using tablets or pc stations, and then projecting these images on a screen within the pavilion.
3rd Prize of 1,500€ goes to ligia_cortes (Mexico) for Bloom Park
Many entries we received were focused on animals. Your proposal was indeed a breath of fresh air - it forced us to think about the functions of plants and sensory experiences that include having visitors visit chambers that resemble roots of a tree. We liked that you used technology to enhance visitors' experiences of nature, but not substitute it.
4th Prize of 1,500€ goes to kelen0 (China) for Rainforest Experience Education Base
We loved that your idea encouraged visitors to initiate their own adventure with variable programs along variable paths and get educated about the tropical rainforest whilst doing so. Your ideas such as the "air corridor" which traverses across trees and educates visitors on the different levels of the rainforest as well while telling the story of Singapore's local rainforest, as well as the astrological and rainforest observation platform above the forest canopy are particularly strong.
5th Prize of 1,000€ goes to ram (Philippines) for The Habitat
We loved the idea that you thought of a nature themed trail that fully immerses the visitors in actual situations by inviting them to take on the perspectives of animals and mimicking their movements. You not only took into consideration the kinds of animals that visitors can mimic, you also thought of specific threats to that particular species. All this whilst injecting an element of fun!
Congratulation to the winner and thank you everyone for taking part in this creative challenge! :)