duracell Dear Creators, Today we are glad to announce the results of the Duracell Powermat contest, in which we asked you to tell us a story about how Duracell Powermat enables people to take charge of their phone battery, liberates them from battery anxiety, and empowers them to do great things. Here is the general comment from the client about the contest results: "Thank you to all participants of this contest. We saw a great diversity of great submissions. We look forward to running more contests with your community and helping people stay charged with Duracell Powermat."   And here are the winners of the contest and the praise from the brand: 1st Prize (8,000€) goes to Ji_sanghoon (South Korea) for POWERMAT for 2001 space odyssey.
Loved the comical approach to showing how running out of phone battery can make us feel but also the clear and positive way in which Duracell Powermat is presented as a solution.
The great news is that this video has already been amplified by Duracell and is now available:   2nd Prize (4,000€) goes to Oblikovsky (Ukraine) for Relaxing-Charging
I truly appreciated the great idea "relax, it's charging" and the great production assets.
3rd Prize (3,000€) goes to LuneCZ (Czech Republic) for Minefield
I liked the comical torture test situation in which Duracell Powermat can almost literally save your life.
  Duracell and eYeka thank to all the participants for their entries and efforts! See you in future contests!