77b2d97034c00131407e0a1e24174648 Youngsters in their early twenties are positive, energetic and often courageous. They aspire to be in a romantic relationship and fully enjoy what love has to offer. However, social pressure, shyness or cultural influences make them hesitant to express their love and hold them back from fully enjoying these moments. Cornetto believes that this should not happen, especially nowadays. From now on, with the help of mobile phones, every boy and girl should be able to dive in to love whenever and wherever they want. Create a simple, enjoyable and engaging appealing mobile experience (an app, a digital tool, a game, an activation on SNS sites, or any offline activity requiring a mobile phone to participate and spread the words; etc.) to enable youngsters (19-21 y/o, university students) to deep dive into love and fully enjoy these special moments that love can offer. Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text (no more than 6 pages)

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  Prize: 5000€
1st Prize: 3000€ 2nd Prize: 1500€ 3rd Prize: 500€
You have till December 12th to participate! Good luck everyone!!