coke refreshing

Hello eYeka, Last year we asked you to unleash your creativity by showing us how you can interpret Coca-Cola as an energizing refreshment in whatever style or format you like. Your works are indeed engaging, dynamic and inspirational, bursting with creative energy! In 3 months, we received 2,547 entries from 72 countries expressing very fresh, diverse interpretations of "energizing refreshment".  The project generated worldwide buzz with over 6 million online mentions with 92% cost saving efficiencies. Internally, Coca-Cola saw a 100% adoption of the creative materials from eYeka instead of the average of 47% from other projects. Externally, several creative ideas produced by eYeka members achieved top 10% of all-time best ads in markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Sounds awesome? Yes, you are indeed awesome!

"The quality surpassed our expectations. It has had a ripple effect in our organization in the way we access fresh ideas." - Leonardo O'Grady, IMC Director of Coca-Cola.

Thank you all for being the awesome creators who impressed even Coca-cola, the leading beverage company in the world. Keep creating, keep impressing!   Watch the full coverage of this Coca-Cola case study here: