Today we’re announcing a bunch of improvements which make it easier to interact around entries. You have told us you "wanted more feedback" and wanted to “access contest entries” and we listened! The Feedback Circle tab is now available for non-confidential contests, which appear with a yellow header. fc1 When your entry is accepted in a Feedback Circle eligible contest you are allowed to browse the entries of other contributors and give them feedback.   fc2 Entries can be rated according to the 3 key dimensions: -        Quality: This artwork is beautiful; -        Originality: I have never seen this idea before; -        Story-telling: This is a very engaging story.   Please note that your peers’ ratings won’t have any impact on the brand’s final decision. This feature is made for you to share positive tips, pieces of advice and feedback on your work, and help you develop your skills.   From your Submissions page, under “Visible to others”, one can see how fellow members rated your work and the feedback they provided you with, if any.   fc3 As always on, this feature is in English only and available on all your devices! Renaud – Product Manager @eYeka via The eYeka Team PS: Send me feedback to , I’ll personally respond to you.