blog_banner (7) Hello everyone, Check out the fresh news about KLM contest which ended on August when we asked you to create a humorous video and show us what happens when a phone addict tries to do everything from his phone: Here's the result of this contest if you forget :) Good news is, one of the winning videos The #Deadwalker by Nirina RAGOMAHARISOA a.k.a niwina is now being featured on KLM's official Youtube channel and Youku channel (KLM's video channel in China)! The creativity, the out-of-the box idea, the use of the very popular 'selfies', the joke with putting the pics on Facebook. Really good job!” As KLM said about Nirina's winning video. And here's the what the winner wants to share with us:
This contest was special because it meant a lot to me. Being one of the top three winners is going to allow me to travel to Europe to see my family (I live in Asia). After watching the movie "The conjuring", I tried to imagine how a phone addict could react when facing a zombie! I found the idea very funny and surprising. When I found out the results and especially the fact that I won the 3rd prize, I was truly pleased to have the opportunity to see my parents and relatives... And that is really priceless! A big thank you to KLM and eYeka for this opportunity!
Well done again, Nirina! And here's a little secret about the winning video: the video is self-scripted, directed and acted! This is the first of the three winning videos to be featured on KLM's social network, we are looking forward to seeing other winning videos to be implemented as well. Stay tuned and we will keep you all updated. ;)