Hello eYeka community, Last year we ran a contest on eYeka together with Schick Quattro, where we asked you to create prints and videos showing us how Titanium can give you an unexpected edge. Among 112 entries from 34 countries, Schick selected 3 videos (you can watch them by clicking on the name of the video): Schick moment by Usyaev (Russia) My Axe is Blunt! by Capn_Polyester (New Zealand) Razor by  FlojoArt (Germany) Schick used the videos on Google TrueView in Japan alongside sponsored content from a famous Anime franchise. And guess what? Campaign results showed that the videos produced by eYeka creators had the highest View-Through-Rates (21%)! Because your videos are real, approachable and authentic, and that is what Schick is about. Schick was very pleased with the results, because your videos allowed them to customize to each market’s need and to actually validate their assumptions about why Schick Quattro users liked their product. The most important success was that your videos were much more efficient compare to TV or other media channels they were using! Congrats!! You can watch this video with Geoffrey Pickens (Segment Director Men’s Systems&Shave Prep SEA at Energizer Singapore) talking on how eYeka videos helped in three main challenges they had with Quattro.