Unilever Shower Dear Creators, Today we are glad to announce the results of Recycling Shower contest, in which we asked you to wow us with an original and revolutionary design for the next generation of showers, combining an enjoyable experience with preservation of the environment. What can we say? You indeed wowed us with your revolutionary and super innovative ideas. We really looking forward for Unilever to implement your ideas in life as soon as possible!   Unilever has chosen 5 best ideas and here is how the company commented their choice: "There are some great ideas here that have the possibility of transforming the shower experience. very strong emphasis on great sensorials - ideas that we can easily see evolve and be incorporated into a 'shower of the future'. "   And here are our revolutionists, their comments and praise from the client: 1st Prize goes to Rib (France) for Waterfall SHower The inspiration by nature to create a truly different, 'natural' shower experience really fits in a sustainable vision. And the waterfall means it is a great sensorial experience as well that can't be add with today's shower.
I'm on Eyeka for more or less 3 years now, I found it by searching design contests to earn money during the hollidays. I found with Eyeka more than that, for the design student that I am, the contests here are great opportunities to learn how to communicate our projects to the big brands. For the recycling shower contest I was interested by working with the sensations that a shower could give to people. With the waterfall Shower I try to introduce an amazing natural feeling in our bathroom. I was really happy when I was told that I have won the contest, I didn't think that with more than 100 entries I will be able to have the first place. Thanks to Eyeka and Unilevers for making that possible.
2nd Prize goes to FrancoLeone (Italy) for Semicircle Jets I loved the principle of water at different levels, a very flexible system that can also be very water efficient.
I found eYeka by chance. I participate in contests because I have the passion to do video, I like to invent and discover new things and above all I like to be in competition with other creators. The contest Unilever has inspired me right away and after a few minutes I had the idea ready to go out and then when I discovered that the brand liked the idea and was selected I felt very happy and proud. When I create I try to keep an open mind and try not to get too influenced by the brief. For this contest I worked alone but usually always work with other people and we help to bring out the ideas. Thanks again to eYeka for giving me this opportunity:)
3rd Prize goes to 000 (USA) for WUNDER This is a very radical idea that reminds me of some outdoor fountains that kids love to play with... a really different way of showering and very playful too.
Water is still an undervalued commodity. But in the near future, that could change. Thinking about alternative shower experiences is important and interesting. We take countless showers in our lifetimes, so I am hopeful that someone will soon sell an appliance that elevates the common activity.  The idea I submitted to Unilever offsets water cost with electricity cost.  Meaning taking a longer shower won't be completely free. The most practical way to conserve shower water requires no special equipment.  Quite simply, we should never shower alone.  Also, most household accidents happen in the shower, so it makes sense to bring a buddy.  To further the ecological agenda and promote public safety, I agree to shower together with each and every one of you.  Call me.
4th Prize goes to valerirr777 (Russia) for My "Perfect shower" The 'octopus' jets create a nice, flexible system that can also be very efficient. A great way to personalize a shower.
I am always attracted by the contests where idea is the most important! And this competition was interesting by the fact that in our time the shower is often really inconvenient, is in ordinary... and I want something new, bright, because we live in the XXI century! It's time to change that! And shower too:) Regardless of the prize I get in the competition, first or last, I am always equally happy:) It is great to know that your idea was appreciated by professionals! This amazing feeling to know that my idea can be implemented))) Maybe my children or grandchildren will use the shower, which I invented))) This is vanity? Maybe.... but still, it's GREAT!!!
  5th Prize goes to marcustolan (UK) for Marcus Tolan I really liked the idea of the magnetic showerhead - simple but yet a great way to create adaptability and efficiency.
I find that the variety of different contests allows me to choose the ones that specifically appeal to me and spark my imagination.  It is good to have the opportunity to apply my creative skills to these challenging briefs. This brief was interesting in that it required a combination of imagination, problem solving and design/presentation skills; I enjoy this type of project. When I learned that I won I was pleased that the judges recognized the merit in my ideas.
  Unilever and eYeka thank all the participant in this contest for your ideas! See you soon in our future contests!