blog_banner (1)   Dear creators, A few months ago we challenged you to show us the power of the Samsung speakers in a video or animation. You had to transmit the idea that with the new Samsung Bluetooth Speakers you can listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere, share it with others and enjoy brilliantly rich sound quality. Some of you did not even know the product but perfectly managed to overcome this obstacle to come up with a great creation. So Congrats!!   Now let's discover the winners, and some comments from the Jury in Italics:   1st Prize of 10 000€ goes to Okko for Share the music around

We really like the funny twist in the story of your video, taking the viewer into an unexpected and unusual situation. The Samsung bluetooth speaker makes people adventure a whole new world.

2nd Prize of 6000€ goes to aceblvd for Samsung Portable Wireless Speaker - Sounds Like Fun
Thank you for some great camera shots, showing the dynamics of music, sports and the Samsung bluetooth Speaker.
3rd Prize of 4 000€ goes to DigitalDrollic for Rock'n'Roll Snail
We do like the idea of an unusual place and an unusual music fan enjoying our bluetooth speaker's sound. And the animation is very impressive.

Thanks a lot to all of you who participated in this contest !! You did great !!  See you soon for a future contest. :)