Purina2 Dear creators, We are glad to announce results of Purina contest, in which we asked you to create a new food, snack or drink product idea that will solve the little problems that owners of indoor pets (dogs or cats) experience. We received a lot of creative ideas and it was great that most of them were from those, who actually have indoor pets! The client was so happy with your entries that instead of 3 winners, they have chosen 5! Here is the general comment of the client about the contest results: This was our first contest and we didn't know what to expect. Overall we were really happy with the quality of entry, the articulation of the problems and solutions was great to read through. It was a really difficult task for the team to choose the winners - but thank you to everyone who spent the time and effort to submit an entry, we really appreciate this.   And here are the winners with the client's comments: 1st Prize goes to 000 (USA) for purinadyne
Excellent insights and solutions
My design approach wasn't a mere packaging exercise, so it was necessary for the jury to understand the holistic integration of every element.  I sincerely hope that the end user will benefit from my small contribution to Purina's project. I sincerely hope that the end user will benefit from my small contribution to Purina's project. 2nd Prize goes to schrism (USA) for Purina Pet Refresh Powdered Drink Mix
We know hydration is important for dogs and this was a good idea to give owners an easy solution to a big problem.
3rd Prize goes to o_lila (UK) for PetPot
We thought it was a simple yet compelling idea.
I like a bit of alternative creative stimulation now and then and enjoy coming up with solutions to problems. I usually get an immediate response upon reading a brief, and if this initial idea is good enough, I feel the need to follow it through. Additional winners: feduskina93 (Russia) with Yummy Sauce
Well articulated problems and one simple solution
eYeka - is the best community for creative people, where everyone can realize its potential. Purina contest was very interesting, it was a pleasure working on the idea. Thank you eYeka and Purina! Good luck to all! aline_ferreira (Brazil) with PURINA FUN
The best of the 'ball-type' ideas
I love animals and develop a product that also contributes to the welfare caught my attention. I usually have many ideas and some come through dreams or intuition. I usually  work together with my husband. Great job! Thanks to all the participants for your entries! See you i next contests on eYeka!