captain-morgan Dear  creators, Today we are glad to announce the winners of Captain Morgan contest, in which we asked you to mark the football season, design a Captain Morgan value added item to go on existing Captain Morgan bottles in supermarkets, or a limited edition Captain Morgan serving vessel that could be used in bars. We received a lot of truly creative entries  and it was not easy for the client to choose the winners.  Here is how Captain Morgan comments the winner selection:
The winning idea was selected for a number of reasons; It was clear and simple - easy for us to execute across many markets. It was ownable by The Captain - demonstrating his wit and putting him at the heart of the celebration It allows us to activate locally and give a deeper connection to consumers in markets It perfectly merged the brand personality and football occasion.
So here are the 3 winners and you can see client’s comment on each winning entry: 1st Prize (EUR 3,000): AnnaNThang (USA) with Captains Stache
This idea perfectly met the brief; it was a fun and simple idea that captured the Captain's personality and the local pride of supporting your team in football - in a truly Captain way. Well done!
I would like to thank Eyeka and Captain Morgan for selecting me as the 1st prize winner! I am very honored and happy to receive this win. I wanted to present a fun and easy concept which both men and women can enjoy and have fun with. I hope to see the idea realized, that would be so neat! Thank you again to Eyeka for allowing us to work for such large brand names, it's fantastic experience! 2nd Prize (EUR 1,500)hunty (United Kingdom) with Moustache Widget
This entry really captures the cheeky personality of the brand and put The Captain at the heart of the consumption occasion. It might not have met the specific football brief but something we will look to explore for other campaigns. Well done!
I have been creating design ideas for Eyeka for about 6 years and I enjoy the challenge that each project presents. The variety of high profile clients is impressive and with each project you get to let your imagination flow. The Captain Morgan Widget project presented such a challenge and as is always the case with my solutions,it was a idea that would want to be attracted to myself if I saw it on a shelf. Working as a team of one and my little dog called Seve, I was delighted to be told my concept was a winner and we celebrated with a cup of tea and a biscuit ( the biscuit was for Seve, I'm on a diet). 3rd Prize (EUR 500)FlojoArt (Germany) with The telescope glass
This idea was well thought through and wove the Captain's provenance and heritage into a serve idea in a fun and ownable way. Well done.
When I read the contest, I never heard before something about Captain Morgan. Coincidentally in the same day I saw the first time the commercial on the television. I really like the character from Captain Morgan and I decided to take part on this project. And I am very much happy that I did it , especially because it was the first time, that I get a price for an illustration. Thank you eYeka! Thank you Captain! Congratulation to the winners and thank you everyone for taking part in this creative challenge and uploading your entries!