Dear creators,

As you may remember, a few weeks ago we launched this Hairdresser contest where we asked you to show us an unexpected and fun story about how a hairdresser working in a salon handles a difficult client and provides a solution that makes everyone happy.

We have to say that you were very creative for this contest and we had a lot of fun watching your videos/animations for this challenge.

Here is what the jury wanted to share with you :

We felt that these ideas fitted the brief very well and brought to life our brand purpose of creating happy moments - they made us smile and they were very true to the target audience.

Now the jury made his choice and here are the winners of this contest with some comments from the jury in Italics and comments from the winners:

1st Prize of 5,000€ goes to PabloLpz for Hairdressers Salon Contest - Bad Hair Day

It was very light-hearted, on brief and very creative. It made us smile.

I enjoyed this contest very much, playing with the girls and the hairdresser was very funny. Thanks a lot to Eyeka and Londa for this oportunity."

2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to firol19 for just relax

Very true to the target audience and very professionally created - a well thought out and produced story.

Firol did not share his comments with us yet.

3rd Prize of 2,000€ goes to oyomoo for Mr. surprise

Very true, heart warming and the story puts a smile on your face.

Oyomoo did not share his comments with us yet.

Thank you all for taking part in this contest. We really hope to see your work in our next contests!! Cheers!!